Children in Reception, years 1 and 2 who display good manners are chosen to eat at The Golden Table with Mrs Colley every fortnight.

Childen in Years 3 and 4 earn stamps for good behaviour which result in bronze, silver and gold certificates.

Our PSHE scheme of work is comprehensive and fully embedded in the curriculum. Taught by the class teachers, the children learn about topics such as feelings, friendships, diversity and prejudice 

Throughout the school children learn about anti bullying and e-safety. We use computer programmes to help the children learn how to keep safe and prevent cyber bullying.

Our playground is zoned and timetabled into different areas to allow children to play safely and appropriately. We have quiet areas, ball game areas, games areas, skipping areas and seating areas.

We a have a good selection of books and stories which are used to promote good behaviour and help children in their emotional development,

In Year 6 children learn the skills of Peer Mediation. Some of them then go on to become playground peer mediators. They help other children solving small playground misunderstandings and upsets.

In Year 6 children have the opportunity to become monitors for a variety of jobs around the school including a school newspaper and blog. They take pride in being the most experienced Highfielders in the school. Children who have behaved well throughout year six are invited to participate in a residential in June to Marrick Priory. 


 Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policy


Rights and Responsibilities School Poster (Behaviour Principles)