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12:14 - 16 May 2022

This morning in assembly we talked about promises. Most of us have made a promise at some point in our lives but how easy is it to keep a promise? Some of our children are member of the Brownies and they shared their Brownie promise with us. We also listened to some of the pro...

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Growth Week

11:36 - 14 Mar 2022

Spring is a wonderful time of hope and new life. All around us we can see the signs of spring, and at Highfield we love to see the amazing daffodils that reappear ever year. This morning Mr Moran and Mrs Busch led our assembly and talked to the children about National Science ...

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Ready Respectful Safe

10:16 - 08 Mar 2022

Ready     Respectful     Safe

Three very powerful words and our newly worded school rules. Children in schools have so many different rules to remember and at Highfield the children remember them very well. From use of mobile phones in yea...

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the power of words

10:43 - 01 Mar 2022

On Thursday this week we will be celebrating World Book Day. Everyone will all be dressing up as a word. On Monday morning I talked to the children about the power of words and how strange the world would be withoiut any. I used my assembly words on Monday to create happy...

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The Name Jar

10:20 - 07 Feb 2022

This morning I shared a fictional story "The Name Jar" with the children about a little girl who moved to the USA from Korea and decided to change her name because the children in her class found it difficult to pronounce. At the end of the story the little girl had realised t...

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Chinese New Year

09:45 - 31 Jan 2022

This morning we watched a short film about Chinese New Year. The themes of hope (lanterns), wisdom (Dragon), long life (noodles) and good luck (the colour red) have all been passed down through generations of Chinese families. The importance of who we are and where we are from...

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Freedom of Friendship

11:56 - 19 Jan 2022

This week we have been thinking about the meaning of the word liberty. We agreed that it means the freedom to choose how we live our lives. Of course we also accepted that there are also rules which mean we can't always do exactly what we want when we want! We also talked abou...

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Happy New Year 2022

12:29 - 05 Jan 2022

Happy New Year everyone! I am writing this blog from my home office as I tested positive for COVID this morning. A new year brings new hopes and challenges and I hope we can as a school community continue to work together to overcome the many challenges brought on by the pande...

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Symbols at Christmas

10:27 - 10 Dec 2021

This week I shared with the children some facts behind some of the objects we see at Christmas. Did you know that the fir tree was chosen as a Christmas tree because its evergreen colour represents the everlasting hope of human kind. Sugar candy canes represent the shepherd's ...

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World Hello Day

09:16 - 22 Nov 2021

Did you know that the 21st November is World Hello Day?  Today we are going to take part at school. Everyone has the challenge of saying hello to ten other people throughout the day (not in their clas). We can also try to say hello in different languages and we can also s...

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Remembrance , tolerance and liberty

09:33 - 08 Nov 2021

This morning we all listed to an orchestra playing Elgar's "Nimrod" which is a beautiful piece of music played every year on remembrance day. We took time to remember why we wear poppies every year. This year will be the 100th anniversary of the first time the public wore a po...

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Betty Campbell

08:29 - 18 Oct 2021

THis month we have been celebrating Black History Month. This morning I shared with the children the inspirational story of Betty Campbell, the first black headteacher in Wales. Betty was born in 1934 and was told at an early age by a teacher that she should not dream of becom...

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Praise Praise Praise

13:38 - 24 Sep 2021

This week we have been thinking about how great we feel when someone gives us praise (adults included!). At school our children recieve lots of different types of praise from stickers to stamps to certificates but perhaps the most effective form of praise are the words and smi...

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Steel Pans Year 5

13:54 - 15 Jul 2021

Last Friday the sun shone and we enjoyed a great tradition at Highfield - The Steel Pans. It was also lovely to have parents watch the children in year 5 performing on the school field. This year Melvin surpassed himself by teaching the children how to play "Three Lions". The ...

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Remembrance Day

12:09 - 11 Nov 2020


Our Remembrance Day assemblies took place in the school hall today. Every child in the school made a poppy which we used to create a large poppy. The children behaved beautifully and took part in a minute's silence.

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first half term

12:54 - 21 Oct 2020

As we approach the end of our first half term of the year I am filled with pride. Pride in the way the children have coped with all the different school routines. They have been amazing. Their behaviour has been excellent and they seem to be thriving and enjoying school more t...

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11:08 - 16 Mar 2020

Last week in Assembly we looked at the amazing Tardigrade (water Bear). It's meant to be the toughest animal on earth. It's only 1 m.m. in size but can withstand extreme temperatures and can even survive in outer space! This week I showed the children a video of what I think i...

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13:12 - 24 Feb 2020

After a very snowly start to the morning (well done parents and staff for getting to school today) we all enjoyed our annual pancake tossing competition in the school hall. Gergo tossed the pancake 41 times and Molly tossed hers 67 times. They both were great sports. We still ...

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Religions in Leeds

15:03 - 04 Feb 2020

This week as part of our Child Friendly Leeds theme we thought about how many people in Leeds belong to a religion. We thought about how respectful and tolerant Leeds is as a city and how peope are free to follow any or no religion. We also talked about how important it is to ...

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Welcoming refugees

11:58 - 27 Jan 2020

This morning we continued talking about Leeds and its history of welcoming refugees. I shared with the children the story of a little boy called Heinz Skyte who came to England from Germany in 1939. Heinz was Jewish and his family sent him and his brother to England to escape ...

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Pride in our city

10:09 - 20 Jan 2020

Aspart of our Leeds themed assemblies we talked about famous people who come from Leeds this morning. Lots of us had heard of Mel B, Nicola Adams, Gaby Logan, Adam Smith and the Brownlee brothers but I then took the children back in history three hundred years and shared with ...

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Child Friendly Leeds

09:50 - 06 Jan 2020

Happy New Year everyone! It's great to see everyone safe and well and back at school this morning. It's the start of a new decade, and as I told the children in assembly, the 2020's will be the decade in which they all become teenagers and young adults. I also started the year...

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Swap Shop

11:05 - 13 Nov 2019


This year to support Children in Need, we will be holding a Swap Shop (just like Noel Edmonds, for those of you who remember).

 Mrs Homan and the school council came up with the idea, to fit in with this year's whole school project, which is conside...

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Diversity of Language

07:25 - 14 Oct 2019

Following on from our Diversity day a couple of weeks ago this moning we thought about the joy language can bring to our lives. Learning a few words in a new langauge is always fun and useful. I shared with the children some of our traditional Yorkshire language dialect words ...

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Diversity Tree

10:07 - 30 Sep 2019

This morning we reflected on our diverse community. Like autumn leaves we are all different, different colours, faiths, shapes and sizes. We have decided to make a beautiful Highfield Diversity Tree on Friday as part of our Diversity Day. Every child in the school will make a ...

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Harvest Moon

09:32 - 19 Sep 2019

On Monday we talked bout special festivals which we celebrate with our families. I talked to the children about the Harvest Moon Festival celebrated by many people in China. Aaron told us all about the festival and the games he had played with his family at the weekend. He tol...

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Generation Share

10:24 - 09 Sep 2019

This morning inassembly I talked to the children about the word "SHARE"  I was really impressed with their ideas about the word and the kinds of things we can share. As well as the obvious things like toys, food and objects they mentioned; time, passions, opinions, ideas,...

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Making a difference to our environment

13:58 - 04 Sep 2019

In assembly this week we talked about how this year we would like to make a difference to the amount of plastic we use in school. Children always impress me with their passion and committment to the environment. I shared some photographs with the children of a Beach Clean Up p...

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10:36 - 01 Jul 2019

This morning we talked about all the happy traditions at this time of year. Our summer Fair has been running since 1960 and I read some entries from the old school log books to the children. The log book was kept by the headteacher who wrote a diary entry in fountain pen every...

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10:16 - 25 Jun 2019

On Monday I stood in the hall on one leg for a minute! Why you may ask? I was sharing with the children my achievement of the year. I have been attending a Pilates class and I told children how the class has helped me improve my strength, balance, breathing and health. We then...

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A Sense of Pride

15:23 - 03 Jun 2019

This morning I told the children how proud I had felt during our 60th Birthday celebration on 24th May. Many visitors to school including The Lord Mayor, retired headteacher Silvia Snowden and many others all commented on how well behaved the children were and what a fabulous ...

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Six decades of Highfield

12:46 - 20 May 2019

This mornng in assembly we listened to music from the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, and 10's. We also found out that Mrs Wood came to Highfield in the 1960's. She remembered the hall floor as being the same then as it is today. Just think how many hundreds of children ...

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Pride in our teams

08:05 - 09 May 2019


 Our girls team have qualified for the finals evening on Friday 24th May at Priesthorpe - starting at 3:30. Our under 11's team are playing in the Leeds Cup final on 9th May at Garforth Football ground.  They also finished second in our local league an...

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Egg Rolling

09:12 - 15 Apr 2019

This morning we created a new annual tradition as a way of celebrating springtime and Easter. A child from each year group tried to accurately roll  a hard boiled egg on to a green spot in the hall. Aston in reception won! Eggs have been decorated and seen as a symbol of ...

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Beethoven success against all odds

09:09 - 26 Mar 2019

In assembly this week Mr Feeley told the children the lifestory of the composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. Ludwig overcame so many barriers in his life including the fact that by the age of 30 he had lost his hearing. That didn't stop him and he wrote his music based on how he thou...

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Charis Jones

14:32 - 13 Mar 2019

This week we were visited by Charis Jones who is the sculptor making our 60th birthday sculpture. Charis shared her work with us in a very interesting assembly and she then visited all the classes talking to the children and answering their questions. She has taken away everyo...

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Pancake fun

13:14 - 04 Mar 2019

It's perhaps one of our annual assembly traditions that all the children and staff look forward to, the Highfield pancake tossing competition. This year Finley tossed the pancake 38 times in a minute and Zorey managed 32 tosses. There was a great atmosphere in  the school...

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Leaving your mark

13:03 - 28 Feb 2019

"Through making objects, we make and write our history, the history of the human race," Magdalene Odundo

This week the children are all drawing pictures to be used in our 60th birthday sculpture. The children have been inspired by Pablo Picasso's one line drawings. The...

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People who helped families

16:12 - 11 Feb 2019

This morning we talked about four people who battled to ensure families can be who they want to be. Nelson Mandela, Peter Tatchel, Pauli Murray and St Valentine all fought discrimination and predjudice. According to history St Valentine was a Christian priest who lived in the ...

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Thank you to our families

10:59 - 04 Feb 2019

This morning we thought about how much we have to thank our families for. I shared with the children some stories about inspirational people who wouldn't have been able to achieve what they did without their families. Did you know Marie Curie who discovered x-rays was supporte...

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We are unique

11:04 - 21 Jan 2019

This morning we thought about all the things that make us so unique. Some of the children even shared their talents with us, including Harry's ability to click his hands and Adam's double jointed thumbs!!  We also agreed that people who are mean to others just because the...

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Healthy School Team

11:24 - 14 Jan 2019

This morning I introduded the children to all the members of our Healthy School Award Team. This year we are aiming to be reaccredited with The Healthy Schools Award in recognition of all the work we do to teach children and promote healthy lifestyles. Lots of staff are leadin...

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12:00 - 07 Jan 2019

Happy 2019 everyone. I hope you all had a lovely holiday with your families. This morning we talked about who we spent time with over the Christmas holidays. We talked about how unique families are and how they all share one thing in common - love and care. Some families may b...

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Advent a time for reflection

14:44 - 03 Dec 2018

The Reverend Sharon Kaye from St John's Church visited our assembly this morning. She explained what Advent means to Christians and how it is a time of relection as well as expectation. She spoke to the children about how in the advent period running up to Christmas it is just...

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Google Legends

16:46 - 28 Nov 2018

We had a super vsit form Google Legends on Monday morning. The assembly was all about internet safety.

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13:10 - 19 Nov 2018

This morning we talked about diversity and how proud we are to belong to such a diverse school. Five minutes ago four little girls came up to me on the playground and told me they were playing at assemblies. They were re-enacting the DVD diversity cartoon clip I had shown them...

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Parliament Week

13:01 - 12 Nov 2018

This week Highfield is taking part in Parliament Week. On Wednesday 5E will be working with Konflux theatre group to put on a play in a day for the whole school about parliament and democracy. This morning I told the children the story of Emmeline Pankhurst and The Suffragette...

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15:53 - 05 Nov 2018

This morning in assembly we talked about the dark nights and how different "Lights" can  make us feel happy, excited and safe at this time of year. We talked about the excitement of fireworks and bonfires on the 5th November. Mrs Dandy showed us her diva lamps and candles...

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A Brave Explorer

09:48 - 15 Oct 2018

This morning we talked about following our dreams and being determined in life. I told the children the inspirtational story of Mae Jemison, an American astronaut and the first black woman to go into space. Mae grew up in 1960's America and had to work incredibly hard to becom...

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Harvest 2018

15:48 - 08 Oct 2018

It was lovely to see so many tin cans arriving at school this morning as part of our Harvest week. I showed the children pictures of harvest around the world so that they could reflect on the similarities we have with people in other countries. We also had a look at where some...

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Autumn Colours

13:15 - 01 Oct 2018

This morning we reflected on the beauty of autumn and especially the stunning colours. Many of the children had been on walks with their famiies this weekend which was lovely to hear. We thought about how lucky we are to have a school with so much green space and so many trees...

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12:44 - 20 Sep 2018

This half term the children are doing some special lessons called MINDMATE with their teachers about feelings and mental health. In assembly this week we introduced the lessons and talked about feelings and how they can be comfortable ones or uncomfortable ones. The feedback I...

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Feeling Happy

13:17 - 05 Sep 2018

Welcome to another school year. This morning in assembly we talked about happy feelings. I shared with the children some photographs from my Iceland trip where I was filled with happy feelings such as "thrilled" and "overjoyed". We talked about how these feelings can be achiev...

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Passing The Relay Baton

10:50 - 06 Jun 2018

In assembly this week we did some slow motion relay running (well some of the year six's did!). We talked about how we can pass a good mood to each other just like we can pass a relay baton to each other. Our year six children then demonstated by running a relay race whist at ...

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Capturing a memory

13:23 - 21 May 2018

This morning in assembly we talked about the powerful memories a photograph can evoke. Many of the children had seen the royal wedding and all the wonderful, happy photographs of the day. On Thursday as we sit and smile in our annual class photographs, I asked the children to ...

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Equality and fairness

12:32 - 18 Apr 2018

This week we have been thinking about what makes things fair. Stella and Leila in Year 6 asked the school council to ask me to do an assembly about equality and I thought it was a brilliant idea and a good way to start the summer term. The children were fantastic in their unde...

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Special Eggs

10:00 - 19 Mar 2018

This morning we thought about some special eggs. A normal egg is not quite so normal when you think about its special shape, how it can be used in so many recipes and how it can bring new life into the world. Our chocolate eggs always feel special because we receive them as gi...

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Saving Our Oceans

13:37 - 08 Mar 2018

Re-use, reduce, recycle, refuse. These are our words of the week with regards to plastic. I am always proud of the way young children (especially Highfield!) care so much about the environment. In assembly we thought about the effects of plastic in our oceans and how it is har...

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Precious Books

11:23 - 26 Feb 2018

This morning as a start to world book week we talked about the joy and love of precious books. I had some very old special books in assembly and wore my white gloves to show the children how delicate they were. Some were over one hundred years old (The Bronte sisters collectio...

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Year of The Dog

11:57 - 19 Feb 2018

Happy Chinese New Year. 2018 is the year of the dog and several of our year six  children were born in this year (2006). Some of our teachers were born in the year of the dog too, alhough I wont reveal their dates of birth! The Chinese believe the two qualities of people ...

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Joinng In

09:52 - 05 Feb 2018

This morning we talked about Pancake Day and its importance to Christians. We then talked about how lots of us like to join in with festivals and celebrations like Pancake Day because they are fun and we like the feeling of joining in. I think this is a sign of a very happy an...

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Fair Players

11:48 - 22 Jan 2018

No one likes a cheat and this morng in assembly we talked a little about how we feel when we cheat in a game or when a friend cheats in a game. The answers from the children were great. They said they begin not to trust the cheater and might even not want to play with them ver...

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10:01 - 15 Jan 2018

This week is National Breakfast week and so I decided to tell the children all about porridge. Porridge was invented thousands of years ago when humans first began farming. Porridge was eaten by the Romans, the Tudors, The Ancient Greeks and The Victorians. Porridge is eaten a...

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Patience is a virtue

09:51 - 09 Jan 2018

On Monday morning we talked about the word patience and what it means. I explained how I had to be patient and wait for my car windscreen to de-ice but that in doing so I could drive to school safely. We talked about being patient in the dinner line, on the carpet area, when w...

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Reach up for the stars

13:38 - 03 Jan 2018

I think I suprized the children 9and adults)  ths morning by playing and dancing to Reach up For The Stars (S Club 7). My plan to bring a big smile and positive energy to the school certainly worked. Being happy is sometimes taken for granted and as a staff team we all wa...

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Joyful waiting

10:37 - 27 Nov 2017

This morning we shared our thoughts regarding advent and what it means for all of us and for Christians especially. I reminded the children how lucky we are to attend a school where we all get along so well and can enjoy special times of the year such as Christmas. The Friends...

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Everyone different, everyone equal

09:33 - 17 Nov 2017

This week as part of national Anti Bullying Wekk we have been looking at the theme of Everyone different, everone equal. In assembly we thought about our differences and how they make us all unique and special. On Thursday morning I received some wonderful feedback from all th...

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Remembering Great Uncle Reg

16:25 - 06 Nov 2017

This morning in our Rememberance Assembly I shared the story of my Great Uncle Reg who sadly died in the first world war. The children listened so attentively to the story and I had showed them photos of him in his uniform and with his wife and family. Several other members of...

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Jesse Owens

15:49 - 30 Oct 2017

This morning as part of Black History Month and to celebrate our new running track we learnt about the achievement of athletics legend Jesse Owens. I explained how Jesse overcame racism and won four gold medals at the Berlin Olymic Games in 1936. At lunchtime our Year 5 childr...

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Harvest 2017

14:05 - 09 Oct 2017

How wonderful to see so many year 2 parents at our assembly this morning. The year 2 children sang and spoke beautifully. Sharon Kay from St John's church shared some important words about sharing and caring for each other.  This year parents have supported a local foodba...

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Keeping safe

10:33 - 02 Oct 2017

This morning  we  had our first fire drill of the school year. Lucas and Zainab who are our school welfare officers watched me run the drill. We are  also going to  practise what to do if we have to stay in our classrooms. This drill is part of our Lockdown...

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15:23 - 18 Sep 2017

A big thank you to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) workers who came into school this morning and led our assembly. The children listened attentively to the vital messages being delivered. Childline is a wondeful charity which offers child...

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Learning from our failures

09:49 - 11 Sep 2017

Did you know Michael Jordan was dropped from his school basket team,  Steve Jobs was fired, Walt Disney was told he had no imagination, Oprah Winfrey was told she was no good for TV, Steven Speilberg failed to get into film school three times and JK Rawlings had her books...

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Walking With Lions

15:01 - 05 Sep 2017

Welcome back to school everybody. The new school term has got off to a busy start and this week we are all trying to be brave and confident learners. In the summer I visited a safari game reserve in Senegal and had the opportunity to walk with lions. There are only four places...

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100% Attitude

09:45 - 03 Jul 2017

This morning we talked about our school reports and some of the most frequent words used by teachers. We talked about three words in particular; knowledge, hardwork and attitude. We then played a little game. We gave each letter of each word a score which corresponded with its...

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achieving things together

14:25 - 27 Jun 2017

On Monday morning we listened to our wonderful school council sharing all their many achievements this year. From mosquito nets sent to a village in  The Gambia to new school wobble boards on the school playground, these children have had a real impact on school life. We ...

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Sun shines on Fit Week

14:11 - 19 Jun 2017

What a lovely sunny day today. The perfect start for our "Fit Week." It has been great to hear the sound of all the KS2 children playing cricket with our coach outside on the school field. We also have a dance coach and a skipping coach working with the children this week as w...

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Try Your Best

09:56 - 12 Jun 2017

This morning Owen Stonnard shared his cub promise with us all in assembly. One of the sentences in the promise is "I promise to do my best." We talked about what this means and I showed the children a wonderful sporting video clip of Dave Wottle winning the 800 meters Olympic ...

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late gate

15:21 - 15 May 2017

Being late is never a nice experience. This morning, some of our drama club members acted out some "late" scenarios in assembly. The children thought about the way they feel when they are late for school. An attendance officer from Leeds City Council spent some time on the pla...

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We made a difference

09:45 - 24 Apr 2017

I showed the children photographs of the mosquito nets in the village of Janbenjeleh in the Gambia today. It was great for the children to see how their Red Nose day money had bought nets for children four thousnd miles away. A great way to start the week!



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Spring time

09:23 - 18 Apr 2017

What a beautiful day to return to school after the Easter break. The sun is shining, the blossom is blooming and everywhere looks fresh and green. We are excited to be playing on the school field today and looking forward to enjoying the newly repaired trim trail. We also have...

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Red Nose Day - making a real difference

17:07 - 20 Mar 2017

This year we are going to make areal difference to some children's lives for Red Nose Day. The money we raise this week is going to go with me when I visit The Gambia at Easter. I am going to buy some mosquito nets and give then to some families who don't have them. The childr...

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Admiring our elderly people

13:55 - 13 Mar 2017

This morning we talked about people who we admire. I asked the children to think about old people who they know and admire. Several people mentioned their grandparents and two children mentioned The Queen and Nelson Mandela. I showed the children a picture of Ellen Johnson Shi...

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Wonderful words

14:38 - 08 Mar 2017

This week in assembly we celebrated wonderful words. Children from Reception to Year 6 shared examples of their writing. The children's writing had been inspired by last week's World Book Day where all the  childen dressed as a word to school. Many of the children chose w...

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The Christian period of Lent

11:45 - 27 Feb 2017

This morning we talked about the period of Lent and what it means for Christians all around the world. Some of our teachers shared with the children what they will be doing for Lent. This included giving up chocolate and reducing the time they spend on thier computers at home....

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International Languages Day

16:38 - 21 Feb 2017

This week we are celebrating our rich diversity. As part of International Languages Day we are sharing all our many languages with each other. In Mr Potter's class the children can speak 18 different languages! Did you know Mr Brassil can speak Gaellic and Miss Elson can speak...

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Freedom of Speech

15:01 - 24 Jan 2017

This week the school council talked to us all in assembly about the importance of having a voice and being able to respectfully express our opinions. We talked about democracy and how freedom of speech is a precious human right. The school council have designed a super questio...

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try something new

13:36 - 09 Jan 2017

This morning we had a look at some brand new play equipment for the school playground. The school council raised money during Bun Day Monday and decided to buy some new balance boards and monster feet. We talked about how we need to always be willing to try out new things and ...

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New Year - New Hall! blog article image

New Year - New Hall!

15:07 - 04 Jan 2017

What a wonderful start to the new school term. Our new hall has been finished over the christmas holidays and this morning we were able to cut the red ribbon and open it. The children gasped with delight as Mr Walsh opened the sliding doors to reveal a beautiful new space. Som...

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Rights and Responsibilities

14:45 - 23 Nov 2016

On Monday we revisited our Rights and Responsibilities Code which is on the school website and displayed around the school. We also congratulated the Year 5 Peer Mediators who will be starting helping on the playground this week. I was delighted to be able to read some extract...

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09:45 - 07 Nov 2016

This morning I told the children the story of Bert Dalby, my great uncle who fought and died in World War 1. He was a runner who was killed in 1916 leaving a wife and baby daughter. We talked about the work of the Royal British Legion and remembered the brave members of our ar...

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09:56 - 31 Oct 2016

This morning in assembly we enjoyed some drma and hot seating. We were joined by a panel of "safety experts." Oliver, Scarlett, Barney, Haris and Lilly spoke to us all about keeping safe at this time of year. They talked about safety during Bonfire Night, Halloween, the dark n...

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Pride in our work

09:27 - 17 Oct 2016

This morning we talked about how we can make our parents proud of us. We agreed that by trying our best and being resilient we can really make our parents proud. As it is parents evening this week we discussed and reflected on some oif the things we have done this half term wh...

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Harvest Assembly

14:30 - 10 Oct 2016

This morning Highfield children showed their kindness by  bringing a can of food for less fortunate families in the area. Reverand Sharon Kaye visited our Harvest Assembly and talked about sharing. Year 2 children shared a harvest poem and we all sang our harvest songs. O...

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10:58 - 07 Oct 2016

 On Monday I decided to tell my outstanding school about how important teamwork is.

I found a video about meerkats, because they are extremely good at working together. Unfortunately the builders haven't been able to finish the new hall on time because they haven'...

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Never give up

09:40 - 19 Sep 2016

WD 40 was named by its creator Norman Larsen because it took him 40 attempts before he got it right. Jk Rowling who wrote all the Harry Potter books was rejected by 30 publishers. Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb was told by his teachers that he was not very bright...

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Diversity Week

09:22 - 13 Sep 2016

We are very lucky to belong to such a diverse school and live in a wondefully culturally rich community. Ths week we are celebrating our differences and learning how important it is to respect each other. I showed the school the inspiring Channel 4 "Yes I can" advert for the P...

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A New Year Journey

16:06 - 06 Sep 2016

How lovely to see all the children back at school this morning, looking so smart in their new school shoes and school uniforms. We thought about the year ahead in assembly and how we wanted to aim high, as high as The Empite State Building which I visited on my holidays to the...

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The Rhythm of the Year

09:44 - 11 Jul 2016

This morning we reflected on the rhythm of the school year. We took a journey through time back to September and remembered some of the magical events in the Highfield school year. We are happy and grateful for our school and the special things that happen every year, from Rob...

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Winning and Losing

09:50 - 04 Jul 2016

This morning we reflected on the feelings we have when we win or lose in sports. We shared lots of examples of our own sporting teams as well as those we are seeing on the TV at the moment (Euro 2016 and Wimbledon). We realized that losing is a part of sport as much as winning...

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The Olympic Flame

09:43 - 27 Jun 2016

This morning we celebrated all that is good about sport. As well as our Fit Week, Fun Run and various sporting events this half term we are also excited about the forthcoming Olympic Games which are taking place in Brazil this summer. James Stead in 4E shared with us a superb ...

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Perseverance and inspiration

11:13 - 13 Jun 2016

Most of the school seemed to have been watching the World Series Triathlon in Leeds yesterday but the children were amazed when I showed them some photographs of a very special competitor. They all thought the man circled swimming in the lake was one of the Brownlee brothers. ...

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attendance Counts

10:22 - 09 Jun 2016

On Monday we celebrated our attendance percentages. Every class in school has over 96% attendance (the national average is 95%) and 2BM 's attendance is top of the school with 98.2% - that's outstanding. Can I say well done to all our parents who clearly value the importance o...

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Getting ready for our new school hall

14:38 - 23 May 2016

Last Monday we were visited by a lady from Leeds City Council who is managing our new school hall project. Her name is Ciny Costigan. Cindy told the children all about the forthcoming hall extension project. She showed us pictures of how the new hall will look and she answered...

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Road safety day

13:56 - 25 Apr 2016

This morning the Leeds Road Safety Team came to school to talk to us in assembly. They went to Recception to teach them how to, cross the road safely by holding a parent's hand. Next they went to year two to tell them how important it is to cross a road safely. They took them ...

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Leeds Rhinos blog article image

Leeds Rhinos

10:25 - 18 Apr 2016

What a great start to the term. Gavin and Adam brought all the Leeds Rhino's trophies to assembly to inspire the children (thanks Mr Leuluai!) We discussed what makes an outstanding team, such as: great attendance, never giving up, pride in our uniforrm, listening well and sho...

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Magical Spring Time

10:05 - 07 Mar 2016

What a beautiful, sunny, Spring morning and how lucky I was to have the sun shining so brightly for my assembly. Our theme this week is new growth. When we opened our eyes from our moment of reflection in the school hall, the sunshine streamed into assembly and the children ga...

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Making the most of a Leap Year

11:09 - 29 Feb 2016

This morning we learned all about Leap Years and why we have them. Did you know there are actually 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds in a year? We can also thank The Egyptians and then The Romans for introducing Leap Years into our calendars. We all gave thanks and ...

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World Calyspo

13:58 - 22 Feb 2016

This morning we celebrated our differences and cultural heritages. Children in Year 3 have recently taken part in an Inter Faith Art Project. Tney created beautiful absract paintings to represent their family heritage. The paintings will be displayed in the new school hall whe...

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Who is your inspiration?

11:03 - 01 Feb 2016

This morning we talked about the inspirational people in our lives and how they can help us become better people. I shared with the children the story of Maya Angelou and how her life story had inspired me to do so many things over the years. We then passed the microphone arou...

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What Qualities does a Deputy Head Teacher need?

16:01 - 29 Jan 2016

This week I have been showing potential candidates for the Deputy Head Teaching vacancy around school. On Monday the children had a think about the quaities needed in the role. They came up with some excellent ideas such as; resilience, optimism, enthusiasm, energy and a good ...

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Punctuality Assembly

09:35 - 18 Jan 2016

This morning we were visited by Tracy and Carol who are attendance officers working with Leeds City Council. Thet encouraged us all to think about all the things we need to do to make sure we are on time for school. The children answered their questions very well indeed. Tracy...

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Bird Watch

10:53 - 11 Jan 2016

I love it when children bring great ideas into school. Esme Ghafor in Year 4 suggested that we take part in the RSPBs (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Great British Bird Watch this half term. The school council approved the idea and prepared an assembly for the scho...

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Happy New Year 2016

16:16 - 04 Jan 2016

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to school and the start of 2016. This morning in Assembly we discussed the new year, time and the importance of making the most of every second. Suleman and Adam in Year six used a calculator to find out the number of seconds we have in...

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Christmas Carols blog article image

Christmas Carols

15:35 - 17 Dec 2015

THis afternoon we held our annual carol service at St. John's Church. It was a very uplifting and happy experience to sing together and celebrate Christmas.

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Advent, waiting for something special

10:25 - 30 Nov 2015

This morning we were visited by Reverand Sharon Kaye from St Johns church. She shared with us the meaning of advent and we talked about the feelings we have when we are waiting for something special to happen. It is always lovely to have Sharon leading Assembly at Highfield, a...

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Tim Peake

09:44 - 23 Nov 2015

This morning the hall was filled with awe and wonder as Miss Ryder told us all about the forthcoming space mission by British astronaut Tim Peake. Highfield is taking part in this exciting project as Tim becomes the first ever British person to work and live on the Internation...

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Anti-Bullying Week

14:17 - 18 Nov 2015

This week is our Anti-Bullying week in school. In assembly we talked about our rights and responsibilities, to be respected and cared for and to respect and care for each other. I have been impressed by some of the conversations I have had with the children on the playground t...

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15:14 - 09 Nov 2015

This morning we were visited by a lady who works for the charity Barnardos. It was wondeful for the children to hear all about the posiitve work the charity does to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Leeds. The children listened attentively to a story she shared wi...

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Pupil Voice

14:09 - 23 Oct 2015

On Monday we reflected on how importnat it is to have a say in things and make a difference. We talked about all the wonderful ideas the children have had this half term to make Highfield and outstanding place to learn. After a democratic vote the school council decided to rai...

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Harvest blog article image


11:41 - 12 Oct 2015

We held our Harvest Festival this morning and we all enjoyed Year 2's presentation. Reverand Sharon Kaye from St.John's Church talked to us all about the inequalities in the world. We remembered the many families in our communities and around the world who do not have enough f...

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Rights and Responsibilities

08:10 - 08 Oct 2015

This week we have been discussing our rights and responsibilities in school. We talked about how the two go hand in hand and that if we all support our rights and accept our responsibilites we will have outstanding behaviour in school.

rights and responsibilities poste...

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Child Line

11:44 - 21 Sep 2015

This morning we all revisited out Buddy Bench Plaque and talked about how, as Highfielders, we can help children who are lonely and have no friends. Some of the children mentioned how we can support new children and maybe even refugee children who may feel scared and lonely. W...

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Outstanding Behaviour

14:33 - 14 Sep 2015

This morning we discussed the meaning of outstanding behaviour and how it differs from good behaviour. The children decided that outstanding behaviour in school is where everyone is very proactive in checking behaviour. Today I have seen children reminding each other about sch...

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New Year and new things

12:04 - 10 Sep 2015

Welcome back everyone to another exciting new year at Highfield. The word "New" was the focus of our assembly yesterday morning and we all had lots of "new" things to talk about. It was lovely to see how happy parents and children were when they saw our new school club, playgr...

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Facing our Fears

11:40 - 09 Jul 2015

Can you imagine Mrs Colley and Mr Brassil (who are both afraid of heights!) climbing to the top of a fifty foot tower and leaping off? Well that's what we both did with the children on our recent residential activity in Marrick  (fully attached to safety harnesses of cour...

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Sharing and caring

11:40 - 09 Jul 2015

In this assembly we talked about how sharing things can be great fun. We talked about ourTeddy Bear picnic in school and how we would all be enjoying the event together and caring for our bears. We even sang the teddy bear picnic song and learned that the song is over one hund...

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Fair Play

11:39 - 26 Jun 2015

We are all enjoying our "Fit Week" in school this week, The children are taking part in a variety of activities such as golfing, street dance, football, skipping and aerobics. This morning I talked to the children about the meaning of "Fair Play" It was interesting to hear the...

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Celebrating Ramadan as a Rights Respecting School

11:39 - 15 Jun 2015

Today we talked about how we respect the rights of our community to celebrate and practice their religions. Laraib and Raniya talked to us about their religion of Islam and how special Ramadan is to them. When I asked the children why it is important to learn about ech others ...

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Panama visitors

11:23 - 12 Jun 2015

The past couple of weeks have been extremely exciting and getting towards the end of the school year it's been nothing but fun! Some teachers from Panama have come to observe what school is like in England. They have been going around the school helping the teachers manage the...

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Unicef - The rights of the child

11:38 - 20 May 2015

On Monday We revisited the Unicef "Rights of the child" articles. I asked the children to think about how their voice is heard in school and how our curriculum supports the 43 Unicef articles. I was delighted when immediately after the assembly, some year 6 children asked me i...

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Waste not want not

11:47 - 27 Apr 2015

Today we discussed this Victorian proverb. I was suprised by how many children had heard it before and understood what it meant. We discussed all the things in school we want to avoid wasting, ranging from lost property to paper towels! I was then very pleasantly suprised to f...

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Enjoy, promise, challenge!

11:38 - 22 Apr 2015

At the start of a new term we may feel excited and a little nervous about coming back to school. This morning I asked the children to do three things for me: enjoy the term and all school activit1es, try keep their promises to work hard and challenge themselves in their learni...

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Valuing our beliefs

11:37 - 30 Mar 2015

This morning five children in Year 6 talked to the school about their beliefs and religions and how important they are in their lives. The childen shared iformation and stories and played musical instruments and sang to us. It was a very special assembly. Well done Abigail, La...

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Earth Hour

10:36 - 23 Mar 2015

This week we are getting ready to take part in Earth Hour. We will be switching off the lights and other electrical items on Friday afternoon for one hour. Mrs Denton also told the school how much money we spend printing things. It's a huge amount and a waste of money and ener...

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Red Nose Day - What does it mean?

10:34 - 09 Mar 2015

Today I showed the children some of my photos of my time spent volunteering in The Gambia in the 1990's. I showed them some pictures of schools built using Red Nose Day money. We ageed we can all have fun and make a difference.

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Shrove Tuesday

10:33 - 23 Feb 2015

Today we talked about Lent and what it means to Christians. We talked about giving things up for lent or "turning over a new leaf"

We then tried to beat the Highfield record for tossing a pancake. Lilly tossed one 39 times and Esben tossed one 41 times but we didn't ma...

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Keeping Safe

10:32 - 09 Feb 2015

This morning we talked about issues around keeping safe in school. The Safety Rangers are meeting Mrs Denton this afternoon to discuss a project to encourage better parking and driving around Sandringham Green. We then had a fire drill from the school hall which the children d...

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Letters from Ghana and exciting trips!

10:02 - 06 Feb 2015

Hi, the bloggers are back and there's been lots of excitement in the past two weeks, we've had lot of trips and class assemblies! Another exciting event that has happened are the letters from Ghana which have been full of information and we are hoping to reply, we have had som...

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Making a difference

10:31 - 02 Feb 2015

This morning we made a world record attempt in assembly. Miss Ings has been teaching us a song written by The  British Sign Language Organisation who are hoping to break the world record for people signing a song at the same time. We reflected on how even little actions c...

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10:31 - 27 Jan 2015

We were so happy to receive letters from our friends at The King Jesus Orphanage in Ghana this week. We will be writing back to the girls and boys this half term. Having friends overseas is very special and writing letters to our friends is one way of showing them we care...

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Helping Hands

10:30 - 19 Jan 2015

This morning we thought about all the people who help keep Highfield a happy safe school and who often we do not notice because they work, "behind the scenes." We all gave Mr Walsh a big thank you for keeping our playground clear of ice this morning so that we can play safely....

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Highfield is......

10:29 - 12 Jan 2015

Today we thought about the things that make Highfield special. We are having a competition this half term to design a Highfield mug which we are going to sell at the summer fair. The teachers made up a poem in assembly about Highfield and all the children enjoyed listening to ...

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New Year, New Start

10:33 - 09 Jan 2015

Hi, we are back in 2015 we hope you have settled into the new school scheme .All the years have started new topics that have intrigued us all to find out more. In the first assembly of the year we have made a Highfield resolution to help the hard-working Year 6 lunchtime monit...

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Down Syndrome

10:27 - 07 Jan 2015

Today Dr Wendy Uttley came to talk to us all about Down Syndrome. The talk was very interesting. The children listened brilliantly and asked some excellent questions.

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New Year

10:26 - 05 Jan 2015

Today we celebrated the new year and decided we should make a whole shcool new year resolution. We decided to improve our behaviour in the dinner hall and agreed to stack our trays neatly, never shout or run in the hall and be respectful to the year 6 monitors.

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Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

10:25 - 08 Dec 2014

This morning Phil from Moortown Baptist Church shared the story of how the Christmas song "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" came to be written. It is a story of kindness and sharing and certainly one I had not heard before.

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10:23 - 01 Dec 2014

Reverand Sharon Kaye from St John's Church spoke to us all this morning about the Christian period of Advent. We are all going to try very hard to be kind and helpful in the run up to the Christmas holidays.


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Anti-bullying assembly

10:03 - 24 Nov 2014

This morning our MP Fabian Hamilton came to our anti-bullying assembly where children from every year group shared their work. Year one children taught us all their motto for anti-bullying which is "Be a buddy not a bully."


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Flags for Parliament

10:02 - 18 Nov 2014

This Monday we announced the winning flag design whcih will be sent to parliament to represent our constituency of North East Leeds. Local MP Fabian Hamilton will be visiting school next week to see our flags and meet the winning designers, Sam Rudd and Xavier Rickerby.


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Children In Need Day

09:58 - 14 Nov 2014

We have raised over £490 by wearing our pyjamas and by having a song writing and colouring competition. We also sang this year's Children In Need song "Wake Me Up" in assembly using Maketon sign language.


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Remembrance Day

09:43 - 14 Nov 2014

This week we remembered the thousands of service men and women who have died in conflicts and in particular those who died in World War One.

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Happy New Year 2014

11:02 - 19 Sep 2014

Hi, our names are Kshitij, Finlay and Sam, we are the new bloggers for 2014-2015. We hope everyone has settled into their new classes well, after an enjoyable summer holidays! The new year six monitors are doing an outstanding job at lunchtimes and all around the school, as we...

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Red Nose Day fun!

11:54 - 13 Mar 2013

Many thanks to you all for supporting our Red Nose Day activities in school last Friday. We raised over £500 for this very worthy cause. The children and staff all wore their pyjamas to school, and Mr Walsh even went to the bank wearing his onzie! It was great to see par...

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School Council 2012

12:52 - 16 Sep 2012

This week the new 2012 -2013 School Council met for the first time. I have the priviledge of running the school council this year and I have been very impressed by their enthusiasm at the first meeting. We meet every three weeks on a Wednesday afternoon in the studio. At out f...

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Headteacher for a day!

12:50 - 15 Jun 2012

Today has been exhausting! But it has been great. First thing I did was check all of the classes. I've seen the magic garden it looks great. I've ordered some olympic medals for the whole school. It has been tiring and I am only halfway through the day. I am going to be showin...

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Jubilee Joy!

12:49 - 01 Jun 2012

As you all know, the Queen's Jubilee is approaching and Highfield did not slack at all in celebrating this spectacular event! The celebrations were kicked off with an outstanding assembly from 4E which portrayed the jobs of our Queen. We throughly enjoyed singing the National ...

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International Day

12:46 - 05 Oct 2011

Last Friday we held an International Day in school to celebrate the many cultural and religious festivals taking place this term. It was lovely to see so many parents (over 100!) coming together to share an international breakfast in the school hall. The children all...

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Trip To Brodetsky primary school

11:42 - 21 Jan 2011

We had a very interesting day on Thurday, Mrs. Colley asked us to come with her to Brodetsky Primary School. We had a very interesting morning watching the Lord Mayor planting a tree in memory of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who died in the Holocaust.


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