Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder

Posted: Fri 27 Feb 2015   |   Children

Hi, the bloggers are back and it's been an exciting first week back! It's that time of year again, where we've also had a visit from Bob the builder himself...Well not really, just an architect called Bob! The year 2 children have also done a skipping workshop where they were taught some  outstanding skipping skills

Bob, our special guest, taught the year 5 children the basic skills to tie sticks with rubber bands he taught them that triangles are the best shape you can use to make bridges. Then the year 5 children had to make their own bridges in groups. In the end they were amazingly well built. All the year 5 children worked well as a team and produced an excellent end result.

The year 6 children also got the opportunity to work with Bob but instead of building bridges like they would have done the year before, they've built some spectacular sculptures also out of sticks and bands! Bob was exteamly surprised by their teamwork and they even had sculptures touching the hall ceiling!!!

The year 2's also had a fun activity as they did some skipping, they got taught all kinds of different ways to skip: slow skipping, fast skipping, group skipping and pair skipping. They performed to the rest of KS1 the skills they learnt. Everyone was impressed. I'm afraid that's all for this week,so see you next time!!!

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