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Extra fun at playtimes

13:12 - 13 Oct 2021



This year we have a brand new activity play area and an amazing new running track. We make it fair for all by making sure all children get a turn - Leo


The Magic Garden has a nice hut which you and your friends can hide out ...

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End of year thoughts

13:58 - 15 Jul 2021

We are nearly the end of the most memorable year I have ever had in teaching. 

My thought turn to our year 6 children as they come to the end of their primary school years. This year's cohort of children absolutely represent what being a “Highfielder&rd...

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World Book Day - For the love of reading

11:10 - 16 Mar 2020

World Book Day

Last week on Thursday 5th March, we all celebrated World Book Day. We came in to school dressed in our pyjamas. Each class had to write a paragraph for a short story, starting with Reception and finishing with Year 6. The teachers read them out at the en...

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Pancake fun time

09:09 - 26 Feb 2020

On Monday two people in year 6 took part in a pancake tossing competition. Molly and Gergo took part in the competition. Molly was the winner with 68 tosses, followed by Gergo with 41. But Thomas Harris from two years ago still holds the record of 109 pancake tosses!


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swapping fun

14:59 - 18 Nov 2019

Children in Need Swap Shop

Last Friday, we had a book swap shop. Everyone brought a book and got to take a new book home. We managed to raise £350 for Children in Need.


By Sam and Neve.

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Diversity Day Fun

07:24 - 08 Oct 2019

On Friday we had our Duversity Day! We had an assembly to celebrate all the cultural dances at our school and we also had free dress (WAHOO!) On the corridor you will find our amazing Diversity Tree which everyone has contributed to by making their own leaf. Our next blog will...

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New Bloggers 2019

12:13 - 19 Sep 2019

Hello Highfield!

Welcome back to school. Year 6 have now got their jobs which means they have a lot of responsibility this year! We are all looking forward to getting started with them. Our next blog will be all about our upcoming Diversity Day on Friday 4th October....

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Marrick experience

09:56 - 27 Jun 2019


Last week, year 6 went to Marrick Priory for their residential, an outdoor learning centre near Richmond. We had an amazing time doing all of the activities that they had to offer: high ropes, low ropes, archery, climbing, canoeing, orienteering and LOTS of wal...

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08:01 - 09 May 2019

Over the next few weeks, our Year 2 and Year 6 pupils will be working hard in their SATs tests. We wish them lots of luck and we are sure everyone will do their very best!

Miss Harrower

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Egg Rolling

09:12 - 15 Apr 2019

This morning we created a new annual tradition as a way of celebrating springtime and Easter. A child from each year group tried to accurately roll  a hard boiled egg on to a green spot in the hall. Aston in reception won! Eggs have been decorated and seen as a symbol of ...

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Sculpture plans

14:43 - 01 Mar 2019

Sculpture for Highfield!

Hi Guys, hope you had a great holiday, and we are very excited for the new half term. As you know, on Monday we had an assembly all about Highfield’s 60th birthday sculpture! On the 11th of March, Charis Jones, a famous sculptor, will be ...

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Sporty news

13:19 - 14 Feb 2019

Sports, sports and even more sports

Firstly, we would like to apologise for not writing for a while, but that’s because…we have been so busy! As you might know, Highfield really encourages everyone to be healthy. Last week, so many matches took place. Two ...

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Healthy School 2019

13:42 - 24 Jan 2019

As you know, on Monday 21st January, a very important assembly was held. Mrs. Colley has made up a team of healthy superheroes. Miss Das and Mrs Calvert are in charge of keeping your mind healthy in our PSHE lessons using ‘Mind Mate’. Mr Brassil and Mrs Barratt are...

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Christmas concerts

15:52 - 18 Dec 2018

Happy Christmas!

Last week, we were verybusyrehearsing and performing our Christmas productions. Reception, Year 2 and Year 5 blew our minds with their amazing singing and acting. Speaking of performances, on Monday, to celebrate Highfields 60th birthday, Scary Fairy, ...

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Google safety

14:42 - 03 Dec 2018

Google Internet Legends

Last Monday, we had a very exciting assembly. Gemma and Tim, from Google, came to our school to talk about being safe on the internet. We learned about creating a safe password and how to spot fake websites from real ones… and a lot more ...

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MP visitor

16:42 - 28 Nov 2018

Fabian Hamilton Visits School Council

Last week, a very important person from our local community came to our school. Local MP, Fabian Hamilton, visited Highfield’s School Council and asked him lots of interesting questions about his work and how he helps Shadwel...

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Remembering 100 years

16:50 - 12 Nov 2018

Remembrance Day

As most of you know, this Sunday it was Remembrance day. If you don’t know what this is, it’s when we remember the people who sacrificed their lives for us today. The Queen holds a special ceremony where people spend two minutes of their day...

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Pumpkin Fun

14:52 - 19 Oct 2018

Pumpkin Parties!


On Thursday the 18th October, Highfield had their traditional pumpkin parties! We all dressed up in our spooky Halloween costumes, and lots of dances were involved. It was a blast and even if you couldn’t come this year, there will...

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Open Morning 2018

14:51 - 11 Oct 2018

Welcome Parents!

This morning, Highfield Primary School had our first open morning of the year. We hope all of the parents who have come, have enjoyed the work! Just a reminder, next week is our fabulous pumpkin party, so remember to have your creepy costumes ready for...

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Fun in RHB

12:12 - 04 Oct 2018

Our Classroom on the Coast!

Last week, our Year 4 children went to Robin Hood’s Bay for a residential. They had a wonderful time smuggling in the dark, a smuggler’s talk and a VERY long walk. A quote from Isla in Year 4 stated, “Even Usain Bolt would ...

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Mindmate is fun

14:09 - 20 Sep 2018

Mind Mate

Hello again,

This week, Mrs Colley held an assembly all about Mind Mate. Mind Mate is our new PSHE scheme of work which will be happening in every class once a week. In Year 6 for example, we have been learning about relationships with family and frie...

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Bon Voyage Mrs Bailey blog article image

Bon Voyage Mrs Bailey

13:27 - 13 Sep 2018

                                                       Bon Voyage Mrs Bailey!

What can we say? Mrs Bailey has been a part of High...

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New Bloggers

12:11 - 06 Sep 2018

Hello and welcome to a new year at Highfield. We are your new bloggers and our names are Annie and Lily. We hope to be able  to spread all the news and events happening here at Highfield. We are all back at school now and we have a new face, Mrs Calvert, who is our new le...

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14:13 - 11 May 2018

This week we have done so many great things. We have been bursting to tell you all week. We are on the grass now and creating many sculptures from the cut grass. Also, our football team have been busy - winning games! We competed in the cup final against Ninelands and won, we ...

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Books and snow!

14:22 - 02 Mar 2018

Gosh what a week! In fact only a four day week as you all know. We are very greatful to Mr Walsh who spent hours yesterday clearing all the paths and playground so that it was safe for us today. We hope you all made the most of the snow day. I built an igloo in front of my hou...

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New playground benches

13:56 - 26 Jan 2018

At Highfield we have been bought some new things, the picnic benches have been replaced by shiny, new ones. The idea originally came from children, who suggested some benches for the running track and some new ones for the top playground. The friends took this idea on board, s...

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Happy 2018!

13:24 - 19 Jan 2018

Welcome back, everyone, and we hope you have a very happy 2018! It's a new term and a fresh start for everyone. The football team have got off to a flying start by winning their first match of the year. We have had lots of snow, ice and frost and we even managed to build some ...

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Cross country & Christmas fayre

10:58 - 01 Dec 2017

Highfield have been very busy over the past week, we had cross country event where some year 6s & year5s where chosen to go to Cardinal  Heenan  to represent our school. Annie came 4th, Ariya came 32nd and Isabelle (myself) came 108th. Manu also did really well. ...

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Pudsey Bear Amazing!

13:37 - 17 Nov 2017

We have raised 754 pounds and 39 pence for Pudsey Bear day (Children in need)!!! The Pudsey bear colouring competition will be judged this afternoon and the winner will get a prize of chocolate! See you next week Amy and Isabelle.

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Pudsy bear and bike ability

11:57 - 10 Nov 2017

Year 6 council members have been selling Pudsey Bear colouring posters for one pound for Children in Need, the money we raise will go to charity. Mrs Colley is going to judge them in the competition and the winners will get a prize. Year 6 have also been doing bike ability and...

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Running track and poppies

13:42 - 03 Nov 2017

We have had a new piece of equipment installed in Highfield on our lovely field! The new running track has been placed down and now everyone has had a run (although we don't know if Mrs Colley has!) and all enjoyed it. The running track is now essential in our P.E lessons as w...

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Harvest and open morning!!!

12:27 - 13 Oct 2017

We had an amazing week!We had harvest assembly run by our year 2 children.Sharon from St Johns Church also came and showed us the story of the long forks and Thomas and Laila demonstrated.We also had an open morning where parents could come into our classes and see what we wer...

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New Bloggers 2017

12:29 - 22 Sep 2017

Hello we are the new bloggers. We are called Isabelle and Amy and we are in year six.We hope you enjoyed our assembly in which year six  displayed our new jobs we had been given. We all now share the jobs and responsibilities of keeping our school safe and happy. See you ...

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Marrick and More!

09:54 - 30 Jun 2017

Hi everyone its Ruby and Scarlett - back again with another blog.


But sadly it is nearly the end of school 15 days left OH NO. dont worry because we have got loads of exiting things left including: Y6 prouduction,talent show a...

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SATs are over!

12:15 - 17 May 2017

Hooray! Hi it's  your bloggers back again with another blog. 

YES the SATs are over for Y2 and guess what Y6 too!!!!!!!!! Well done everyone for trying your best.

But the sad news is that after SATs, it means Y6 have to leave Highfield soon! :-(


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Happy RED NOSE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:49 - 24 Mar 2017

Happy RED NOSE DAY It is your bloggers back again with another blog!!!!!

Happy Red Nose Day what nose did u get? Tell us on the playground!

Check ya later 

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World book day 2017

10:53 - 03 Mar 2017

HI it's us Scarlett and Ruby back again with another blog-

We are so so so sorry that we have not written in a while but forget that YESTERDAY WAS WORLD BOOK DAY YAY!!!!:) At school we had to dress up as a word. Ruby dressed up as a person and Scarlett dressed up as li...

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Questions Questions!

10:53 - 27 Jan 2017

Hi guys it's the bloggers back again with another blog-

On Monday, Mrs Colley did an assembly with the school council. They had made a questionnaire about learning and feedback from teachers. Everybody in the school had to fill out the questionnaire and tell the truth!...

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New Year Resolutions

11:20 - 20 Jan 2017

Hi guys it's Ruby and Scarlett back again with yet another blog- This week we went round to find out some of Highfields New Year's resolutions!

Here are some we found:

Mrs WoodWard wants to enjoy life, Aarush wants to slop eating crisps, Bradley wants to beat G...

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Welcome to the new school hall!

11:49 - 06 Jan 2017

Hi guys it's Ruby and Scarlett back again with another blog! - Do u know the new school hall has finally been built!! 

Have u been in it yet,WE HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any news that you want writing TELL US.

Tune in next week for more fun gossi...

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Christmas time again :)

11:23 - 02 Dec 2016

Hi guys it's Scarlett and Ruby back again with yet another blog- So today we are GOING to tell u about the awesome Christmas fair!!!!!!!!!!! We hope that if any of u guys went u had a great time.

We would love to know what u bought!!!! DO U HAVE AN ADVENT CALENDER...

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Children in need!!

11:14 - 25 Nov 2016

Hi guys it's Ruby and Haaris, Scarlett isn't here today because she is ill. It was children in need last week and we raised over £600!! Hope you guys enjoyed children in need day, I'm sure we did!! Thank you for all your support. See you later. Ruby and Haaris.:)

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11:25 - 11 Nov 2016

Hi it's the bloggers-Ruby and Scarlett there has been so many things going on this week at school.Two visitors (head teachers) came yesterday to look around our outstanding school ;) They interviewed a couple of kids including ME (Scarlett).

Today is remembers day, hav...

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Trick or Treat and bonfire night!

11:26 - 04 Nov 2016

Hi-it's the bloggers Ruby and Scarlett! Did you go Trick or Treating? If you did tell us about it in the playground. What outfit did you wear? We came as a cat and a doll. Did you enjoy the Pumpkin Discos yesterday? It's also Bonfire ight - are you doing it at home or going so...

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Brand New Clubs- 2016

10:03 - 07 Oct 2016

Hi guys it's Ruby and Scarlett back again with a brand new blog! 

This week we will be telling you about the clubs 2016

Including: Netball, football, rugby, orchestra, choir, recorders, keyboards, gardening, drama, computers, lego, taikwando, gymnasti...

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A new start at Highfield

14:17 - 30 Sep 2016

Hi - it's Ruby and Scarlett - your new Bloggers! We are ten years old and in year 6 and we've been best, best, best friends since Reception. We know loads of things about Highfield and what we don't know - we'll find out! Have you seen the harmony picture in the entrance hall?...

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Last blog of the year

12:11 - 15 Jul 2016

This week has been very busy as the year sixes have being going to their high schools and sports days have been going on all week. Also the Olympic parade is today on the field. How exciting!! But this means another year is nearly over and we say goodbye to another year 6...

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Pirates and Disco

12:31 - 01 Jul 2016

On Thursday a  lively disco man came all the way from berlin in Germany to our school. The whole  school had a disco on the football pitch for half an hour we had such a great time partying. Pirate's day was an another amazing  experience for the year ones....

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Castles, skipping and ukulele

12:15 - 17 Jun 2016

Year 2 have been very busy this week. They  have been on a trip to Skipton Castle and yesterday some of them went to a skipping competition  one of them was my brother Ewan Armitage. Highfield came second and Alwoodley came first. Also year three did an assembly on u...

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High school busy

11:52 - 10 Jun 2016

We hope Mr.Painter had a lovely day today being our headteacher. Thank you.

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Busy with trips

14:51 - 27 May 2016

Over the two weeks year sixes have been very busy with their trips and learning. We went to the Mosque, this week and last week as we didn't blog we went to the Thackray Museum. Learning about Leeds in the Victorian times. Hope you have a fab half-time!

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Summer sport

12:01 - 06 May 2016

Sunny weather is upon us with sports. The netball year 6 team had a match against Allerton C of E and won one lost one but.... Allerton  won overall by one point.  Talking about sports there is going to be a  football match soon. Sats is nearly here (next week )...

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Road safety day

13:56 - 25 Apr 2016

This morning the Leeds Road Safety Team came to school to talk to us in assembly. They went to Recception to teach them how to, cross the road safely by holding a parent's hand. Next they went to year two to tell them how important it is to cross a road safely. They took them ...

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Eggcellent Eggs at Highfield!

13:38 - 24 Mar 2016

Easter has come again at Highfield and the boiled egg competition has begun. We are waiting with eggcitement to see who has won in Assembly this afternoon. Our judges said it was eggstremely hard to choose a winner from each class. There were some eggsotic eggs, some eggtandin...

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Highfield Handwriting Competition

13:30 - 11 Mar 2016

Throughout the week Highfied has been having a handwriting competition and one of our amazing bloggers Alex A has won! Congratulations to him. We hope you all had fun doing your handwriting.

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World Book Day 2016

11:58 - 04 Mar 2016

On Thursday 3rd March we all got to dress up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day. Mrs Colley got her hair is a tangle being Rapunzel, but the Year 3 girls helped by plaiting it at dinner time. It was so funny to see all the teachers dressed up. Many teachers jo...

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New Year Changes

12:13 - 15 Jan 2016

Welcome back to a new term and this is our first 2016 blog. We would like to welcome Mrs Homan back to school and welcome to Highfield Samrath and Sana who joined us this week. We are hoping to take part in the RSPB school bird watch this term and some children have brought bi...

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Highfield Christmas Joy

12:18 - 11 Dec 2015

We are going to our local church St. John's Church  and two of our bloggers Molly and Alex shall be performing there. KS1 is having a christmas party today and KS2 will have a cinema after noon next  Friday. So far this week has been very busy. We have watched r...

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Green Fingers

12:07 - 04 Dec 2015

We have got something new in school today which makes us all look forward to spring. Our school has got something new and they are called Coal Frames. They are like mini green houses. The school councils ordered them. We have got three of them , we hope you enjoy them. They co...

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Anti bullying and children in need

15:03 - 16 Nov 2015

This  past week we have been doing about children in need and have had a big assembly as well as discussing it our classrooms.we raised £504.45p.

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Children in need at highfield

09:09 - 13 Nov 2015

At highfield we are all dressed up with crazy hair and fun costumes. We are wanting to raise up to an amazing amount of £500 we will tell you more about how much we raised  next week. If we had a dress up competition we are sure Mr Brassil would win in his flippers ...

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Bike abillity fun

10:35 - 06 Nov 2015

Welcome back from the half term. There has been bonfire night, trips back in time but most of all bike ability. Year 6 have been enjoying being able to learn bike safety during school time.They were split up into 5 groups and were allocated a day and a half to cycle.   &n...

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Trip Time

10:40 - 16 Oct 2015

There have been two trips! The year sixes went on a Tudor trip to Oakwell Hall, and  we dressed up. We had a fab time. We made beautiful God's eyes and lovely smelling pomanders. Shriyaa said," I loved everything. I now know more about the Tudors and it was a ni...

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Halloween happened at Highfield

09:43 - 09 Oct 2015

All was calm at Highfield before it became a living nightmare! All you could see were zombies, monsters, witches and skeletons dancing and creeping around the school hall! It was great fun. The children were all very well behaved and enjoyed themselves. They all has drinks and...

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Triathlon of the year blog article image

Triathlon of the year

10:12 - 02 Oct 2015

14 children went to a triathlon at the John Charles Centre. First we swam 30m, cycled1k and ran 400m. It was so easy, it was like a flash of light. At the end we got a medel and we got it signed by the bronze medalist from the Brownlee brothers. We will do a blog every Fr...

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Sporty start to the year blog article image

Sporty start to the year

09:21 - 25 Sep 2015

Hello, Highfielders! We are the new Year 6 Bloggers for 2015/16. We are Alex Armittage, Amaan Khan and Molly Rothwell-Bartle. The new year has got off to an outstanding start and we have already taken part in our first football match. A group of year six children went...

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Highfield Candidates

21:30 - 01 May 2015

Hi it's the bloggers again and it's been another lovely week in our school. There have been lots of clubs going on as usual as well as our new cricket club and a wonderful netball tournament.

The tournament was lots of fun for those taking part as they played 7 matches...

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Earth Hour 2015

10:03 - 27 Mar 2015

For those of you who don't know, the World Wildlife Fund started Earth Hour in 2007 in Australia asking people to turn off their lights for one hour to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change. It has since been a global phenomenon, with more and more pe...

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Eclipse Edition

10:03 - 20 Mar 2015

Hi, it's the bloggers again and today is a very special day for everyone because because earlier this morning was the very rare solar eclipse! This was the first time seeing the solar eclipse for most people here, so it was extremely exciting.

We also had the Year 1's ...

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Bob the Builder

10:04 - 27 Feb 2015

Hi, the bloggers are back and it's been an exciting first week back! It's that time of year again, where we've also had a visit from Bob the builder himself...Well not really, just an architect called Bob! The year 2 children have also done a skipping workshop where they were ...

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Letters from Ghana and exciting trips!

10:02 - 06 Feb 2015

Hi, the bloggers are back and there's been lots of excitement in the past two weeks, we've had lot of trips and class assemblies! Another exciting event that has happened are the letters from Ghana which have been full of information and we are hoping to reply, we have had som...

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New Year, New Start

10:33 - 09 Jan 2015

Hi, we are back in 2015 we hope you have settled into the new school scheme .All the years have started new topics that have intrigued us all to find out more. In the first assembly of the year we have made a Highfield resolution to help the hard-working Year 6 lunchtime monit...

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10:12 - 19 Dec 2014

Hi, It's Christmas time again! Everyone has been joining in with this wonderful Christmas spirit. There's been a great variety of activities: DVDs, word searches, free dress, Christmas parties and even a visit from Santa clause and his little helpers! We're all very excited th...

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Maths made fun!

09:10 - 05 Dec 2014

This week has been filled with many fun activities. But the highlight of the week for most of us has been the maths fun day! 

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Say no to Bullying

12:02 - 27 Nov 2014

Hi, it's been an other exciting week at Highfield! As some of us may know, it has been anti-bullying week. We have also picked the winning flag - two talented boys from class 6P were the winners, Xavier Rickerby and Sam Rudd.

This week most of us have been learning abo...

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Flying the Flag

12:01 - 07 Nov 2014

Back with a bang, the Highfield bloggers are back. We have come back from the holidays and have lots of celebrations including Halloween and Bonfire Night. We hope you are all filled with sweets as we are starting the half-term, we also hope your are safe and sound a...

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Sporty School

11:29 - 10 Oct 2014

Hi, the Bloggers are back again. These last two weeks have been full of excitement and sporty activities. Some of the events that have occurred include: The Bikeability training which has kept the year 6's busy, we thank the Bikability trainers who gave us a great experience a...

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Nelson Mandela RIP

11:56 - 16 Dec 2013

On December 5th 2013 Nelson Mandela sadly died.

This great man helped stop racism and aparthied. He was a very inspiring man and was prepared to put others before him.

He sacrificed going to jail to help other black people have a better life. 


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March News

11:48 - 23 Mar 2012

This week has been parents' evening. We think most children will be happy with their reports.

Last week years 5 and 6 went to Malham Cove as part of their rivers topic. Everybody had a good time.

All the children are getting quite excited about the Auction...

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January News

11:47 - 27 Jan 2012

Hello! We all hope you had a great Christmas holiday and a fantastic New Year. Here is a January update on what's happening at Highfield Primary School!

We have had Fabian Hamilton visit our school and he said it was "OUTSTANDING". He met all of the school councillors&...

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May Time News

12:44 - 15 May 2011

The portacabins have officially been removed, to make an addition to the playground.  Everybody has been delighted about the news.

Well done Year 6 for finishing the SATs this week.  You have made a lot of progress.  Congrats!


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No School for two weeks!!

12:44 - 01 Apr 2011


We watched the year 1and year 3,4 Spring Concerts this week. We were amazed by the performances.

NOOO ITS APRIL FOOLS DAYYYY we have been tricked already !!!The sneaky teachers will be trying trick us but were way too smart to let them...

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Spring is here at Highfield

11:43 - 25 Mar 2011

Last week on the 18th of March it was Red Nose Day and our school raised over 400 pounds. Well done!

This week we have moved into our new dance and music studio. It's a brilliant new space for us to enjoy.

This week has been very sunny and we've ...

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Highfield Victory

11:42 - 28 Jan 2011

Dramatic news! HIGHFIELD HAS WON A FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT. We are becoming the best school for football in the area. Our best friends, George W and Keown B scored a cracker!!!!!!!! The secret of our victory is team work!!! So if you want win a match take our advice!!


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Trip To Brodetsky primary school

11:42 - 21 Jan 2011

We had a very interesting day on Thurday, Mrs. Colley asked us to come with her to Brodetsky Primary School. We had a very interesting morning watching the Lord Mayor planting a tree in memory of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who died in the Holocaust.


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Happy New Year

11:41 - 14 Jan 2011

Happy New Year to everyone, we hope you had a great time and we hope you're enjoying 2011 !

As you know the school has invested in some new laptops for the years 4,5 and 6 .We are looking forward to using them in class.

The Annexe is going considerably well and...

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Snow doesn't stop Christmas at Highfield!

11:41 - 13 Dec 2010

What a busy term we've had at highfield! As well as all the excitment we have had the deepest snow in living memory! As you know school was closed for a day two weeks ago -the children were very upset!

The concerts we've had were very special and we loved them all...

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Fabian Hamilton M.P. visits Highfield

12:40 - 18 Oct 2010

On Friday 15th October Fabion Hamilton visited our school council meeting! He dicussed about what it's like to be an MP and answered questions from the school councillors. He said that he has been to different meetings and has even met David Cameron our Prime Ministe...

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Back to school!

12:39 - 10 Sep 2010

Back to school again! Hope you all had a great summer holiday. Now our school is a lot bigger and we have over three hundred and thirty children here. We have elected some new school councillors who you will be meeting on Wednesday, also new monitors have been chosen from Year...

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Marrick Week

12:38 - 26 Jun 2010

Marrick week was brilliant! There was yummy food and really good weather. It was hot everyday, with no rain what so ever! We did a lot of activities and really challenging ones, especially the climbing up the tree to the zip wire. As well as the zip wire, w...

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Taffy Thomas comes to Highfield!

11:54 - 11 Jun 2010

Hello my name is Joshua and I am in year 5. I was chosen this week to do the Highfield Blog.

On Wednesday the 9th June Taffy Thomas came to our school.  Taffy Thomas was an amazing laureate storyteller.  He had a silk coat with lots of pictures of animals on&...

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