Flying the Flag

Flying the Flag

Posted: Fri 07 Nov 2014   |   Children

Back with a bang, the Highfield bloggers are back. We have come back from the holidays and have lots of celebrations including Halloween and Bonfire Night. We hope you are all filled with sweets as we are starting the half-term, we also hope your are safe and sound after our spectacular Bonfire Night.

As most of us will know we are at the end of flag week and lots of pupils have made a variety of different flags. It will be a very close competition as everyone has tried their best. We are very proud to have been picked out of around 40 schools in the Leeds North East region.

As we have been chosen by the North East Leeds constituency to make the flags, we will be having a special guest, Fabian Hamilton who will come in on the 17th November! We will be choosing 2 flags from each class but unfortunately reception won't be taking part, so that's 24 all together. Next in the process, the school council will vote for a flag which will be sent to London before the due time of the 1st December. If our flag is the winner, it will be flying above the Houses of Parliment! Wouldn't that be amazing!?

That's all for this time I'm afraid. But will be back in two weeks telling you all about children in need and Pudsey Bear.

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