Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Posted: Fri 19 Sep 2014   |   Assemblies

Hi, our names are Kshitij, Finlay and Sam, we are the new bloggers for 2014-2015. We hope everyone has settled into their new classes well, after an enjoyable summer holidays! The new year six monitors are doing an outstanding job at lunchtimes and all around the school, as we found out at the year six class assembly. The year six monitors are also helping the rest of the school adjust well to the new system at lunchtimes. 

As well as all that, our new reception children are settling in brilliantly into school life! In addition to the reception children starting school, we have also got a few new pupils who have joined Highfield. The Highfield staff have also had a change after Mrs Heeley and Mrs Buckle have been replaced by Miss Ryder and Miss Flynn. The new school councillors have been elected and have made a flying start to their campaign by selecting their first charities! These include the Leeds Children's Hospital, Children in Need and Shoeboxes to Ghana.

Please read our blog regularly and inform us of any events that have occurred recently in your year group.       

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