Headteacher for a day!

Headteacher for a day!

Posted: Fri 15 Jun 2012   |   Assemblies

Today has been exhausting! But it has been great. First thing I did was check all of the classes. I've seen the magic garden it looks great. I've ordered some olympic medals for the whole school. It has been tiring and I am only halfway through the day. I am going to be showing the school gardeners the magic garden soon and I have two visitors coming to see school this afternoon so I will be very busy.  I have decided that year six children can use the magic garden at lunchtime in small groups. They will be trusted to behave well.

When you are Head you have to do things quickly. You are busy and lots of people come and ask you things and show you things. Every time I check the school e-mails there are at least three new ones.

I have to go now as it is dinner time and I am on duty! 

Naz Dogan

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