Highfield Candidates

Highfield Candidates

Posted: Fri 01 May 2015   |   Children

Hi it's the bloggers again and it's been another lovely week in our school. There have been lots of clubs going on as usual as well as our new cricket club and a wonderful netball tournament.

The tournament was lots of fun for those taking part as they played 7 matches, won 4, drew 1 and lost only one! They came 3rd out of 22 teams! The top scorer was Ella Blythe and Aliya Bridge who captained the side. It was a very good performance and we thank Miss Elson for arranging these wonderful event. There was another netball match where we played Carr Manor but sadly lost 6-5, well tried.

Also we have to thank Mathew,Maisy, Sam, Raanya, Dominic, Nadia, Cleo and Maddie for showing the teaching candidates round and being great ambassadors for our school and mabey we could be getting some new teachers at our school. That is of course if the Candinates are good enough! And that's all we have to write about today and we'll be writing back next week, bye!!!

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