Highfield Victory

Highfield Victory

Posted: Fri 28 Jan 2011   |   Children

Dramatic news! HIGHFIELD HAS WON A FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT. We are becoming the best school for football in the area. Our best friends, George W and Keown B scored a cracker!!!!!!!! The secret of our victory is team work!!! So if you want win a match take our advice!!

Keown and George were making good and positive comments about the team. So the team thought of giving them a chance to score a goal. Keown's goal was funny, the ball went through the goalkeeper's legs. George had a hard shot  and it curved into the back of the net!!!

The whole team played fair because of Oliver's nice leadership!

players who played: Oliver D, Jacob K, Jeet D, George W, George N, Natasha K, Jack G, and Keown B

A special thanks to Mr Brassil for some great coaching.

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