Key Stage 1 Maths Workshop for Parents

Key Stage 1 Maths Workshop for Parents

Posted: Fri 17 Jul 2015   |   Governors

At the Autumn meeting of the Teaching and Learning Sub Committee the governors expressed a desire for the school to run a maths workshop for parents.  This would build on the excellent KS1 and KS2 results this year, (94% Level 4 and above in Year 6 and 87% Level 2B and above in Year 2) which were well above the national average. It would also provide our teachers with an opportunity to share some of the approaches they had introduced as part of the focus on strengthening whole school performance in maths - one of the school's improvement priority areas for last year.

It was much to our delight, therefore, to hear Mrs Wragg's response - that this was planned and that she (Key Stage 1 maths leader) and Miss Harrower (Key Stage 2 maths leader) would lead on running an event, focussing initially upon Key Stage 1, in February 2014.  We all felt that this was a great example of joined up thinking and working between the Governing Body and the teaching staff at Highfield.

The workshop took place on Tuesday (4 February) and from my experience felt to be a great success.  Over 100 parents attended and they moved seamlessly between different workshops (involving all the key stage 1 teachers) each focusing on a different area of maths - addition, subtraction, money, multiplication and place value.  As well as running through the key elements  and different approaches the workshops also explored the different language and pitch used when approaching maths - to ensure maths is accessible to all children - and how this was adapted and changed as the children moved up the school.

I came away with lots of material, a sense of delight around both the passion and commitment of staff and parents who were involved, and an assurance about the commitment to high standards and excellent teaching in maths at Highfield to ensure all our children achieve their full potential.

Thank you to everyone in involved for an excellent workshop

Nancy Lester
Chair of Governors

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