Letters from Ghana and exciting trips!

Letters from Ghana and exciting trips!

Posted: Fri 06 Feb 2015   |   Children   |   Assemblies

Hi, the bloggers are back and there's been lots of excitement in the past two weeks, we've had lot of trips and class assemblies! Another exciting event that has happened are the letters from Ghana which have been full of information and we are hoping to reply, we have had some letters already.

Year 2 have also told us all about their trip to the railway museum in their wonderful train's assembly. It was very informative and we all enjoyed it. Year 6 are also going on a trip to the Hepworth Gallery which all the year is looking forward to. The Highfield mug competition is also going to be judged and printed on the mugs and sold at the summer fair.

They're are only 4 more days until the Half-Term holidays!!! We are all looking forward to coming back and writing again in 2 weeks. We hope you have a good holiday bye!!!

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