Lunch with Year 3

Lunch with Year 3

Posted: Thu 26 Nov 2015   |   Governors

Lunch with my link class - Nancy Lester

I had a lovely lunch today with children from Year 3, the year group that I’m the link governor for.

We talked about the different things that the children have been doing so far this year.  Particular highlights we discussed were:  the Year 3 play about the Victorians (they even all could tell me how to spell Victorians!); learning to playing Yellow Submarine on their Ukuleles – FFF / CCC / CCC / FFF; and we discussed their favourite colours in French.

I was impressed, as always, by the behaviour of the children.  The hall was full, and whilst busy, extremely calm.  All children were polite and treated each other with respect and seemed very happy.

Thank you for a great lunch and another super experience at Highfield.

Nancy Lester

Chair of Governors and Year 3 Link Governor     

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