Posted: Fri 19 Dec 2014   |   Children

Hi, It's Christmas time again! Everyone has been joining in with this wonderful Christmas spirit. There's been a great variety of activities: DVDs, word searches, free dress, Christmas parties and even a visit from Santa clause and his little helpers! We're all very excited this time of year as we're on the countdown to Christmas and everyone is wondering what they're going to get.

We have also enjoyed our annual visit to the carol service at Saint John's church where the year sixes were a huge help: setting up, orchestra and reading the story of Jesus being born. We have also had a Mr Shuffles Christmas party for Reception and Key Stage 1 and key stage 2 a movie day where they came into school in free dress or Christmas jumpers.

As it is the last day of school everyone is looking forward to the half term holidays and of course... CHRISTMAS! and spending with all the family. And that's not to mention the new year and, a hint for the children, see if you can persuade your mum and dad to let you watch the clocks strike 12 on New Year's Eve! 

Thanks for reading and see you next time in 2015.

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