Nelson Mandela RIP

Nelson Mandela RIP

Posted: Mon 16 Dec 2013   |   Children

On December 5th 2013 Nelson Mandela sadly died.

This great man helped stop racism and aparthied. He was a very inspiring man and was prepared to put others before him.

He sacrificed going to jail to help other black people have a better life. 

This is a time to remember his greatness and the sacrifices he made. We think that we should all try to be a great person like him, then everyone will be equal.

He should be remembered forever as the great man who helped stop racism.

He studied law in university and was a very clever man. This is one of his quotes: "Education is a weapon which you can use to change the world."

As a young man he thought that every person should be treated equally and had an aim to stop racism.

He and his group trespassed in areas where only white people were allowed. He almost spent 3 decades of his life in jail!

In 1994 he was elected to be presedent, not only that but he was the first black president!

We will remember this great man forever, and all the great things he did.

By Jaya McCorry and James Hills.

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