New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Posted: Fri 20 Jan 2017   |   Children

Hi guys it's Ruby and Scarlett back again with yet another blog- This week we went round to find out some of Highfields New Year's resolutions!

Here are some we found:

Mrs WoodWard wants to enjoy life, Aarush wants to slop eating crisps, Bradley wants to beat Goerge in an arm wrestling contest, Miss Johnson wants to do something different everyday, Miss Waite wants to be more positive (We think she is already!), Mr Feeley has joined a gym, Mr Brasil wants to be fit and healthy, Haaris wants to play more football, Miss Das wants to eat healthier and visit the gym more often, The Office ladies don't do them anymore, Miss Elson is going to run a marathon in October, The fruit Ladies are going to get up earlier, Miss Thackrah is going to play more with her kittens and Hudaybia is going to eat less Pringles! 

Our favourite is Miss Johnsons!!!!

Check Ya later bye!!!!!

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