Open Day feedback from evaluation 2014

Open Day feedback from evaluation 2014

Posted: Fri 17 Jul 2015   |   Governors

Open Day feedback from evaluation forms 20th November 2014

As you can imagine we were delighted with the attendance and feedback received on our open morning last week

“The pupils doing the tours were brilliant”

“Very interesting work of a high standard”

“Lovely outdoor space”

*Great art work and lots of different topics”

“Our guides were very helpful, knowledgeable and clearly enjoyed their school. Their pride in the facilities and each other was evident”

“Children well behaved and paying attention to their teachers”

“Children are having their hands on computers from Reception”

“Children focused on their work”

“Excellent the best I’ve seen so far in four schools locally”

“Nice grounds well kept”

“Happy children”

“The children were a credit to the school”

“Great PTA and great events”

“Classrooms look fab”

“Lovely warm atmosphere”

“Interesting and varied range of subjects displayed on the walls”

“Tidy and well organized classes”

“Amazing outdoor space with lots to do”

“Variety of spaces for different learning”

“Children obviously love the school”

“Fantastic infrastructure and equipment”

“Absolutely love this school! Have seen several and this is by far the nicest”

“Looks a fun place with lots of interesting activities to take part in”

“I really like how the children respect the school premises and also look after it. I was impressed when I saw a pupil go out of her way to pick up a piece of litter and put it in the bin”

“Obviously a wide range of learning all made fun”

“Kids seem engaged what more could you ask”

“Couldn’t hope for better, just hope to get out little boy in”

“Impeccable, very polite, friendly and well-mannered children”

“Fantastic facilities, a great range of activities and great sized classrooms”

“Children were full of praise for the teachers”

“Very calm they all seemed to be engaged and absorbed in their work”

Improve on:  “Have teachers available to talk and answer questions”   “An outdoor classroom and dedicated science lab”    “More languages taught”      “Hard copies of prospectus”


Julie Colley

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