Open Morning Feedback 2015

Open Morning Feedback 2015

Posted: Tue 20 Oct 2015   |   Governors

Many of you vistited the school last week to view your children working in their new classrooms. Thank you for all your positive comments. 

Julie Colley





  35 completed forms returned


  1. The quality of children’s work displayed around the school


Excellent; Very Good; Good variety of topics; Good; Interesting; Lovely to see displays from all years ;Impressive;  Brilliant; Beautiful; Colourful; Fantastic; Interactive;


Other Comments: Love the Words of Wisdom; Displays are factual, can see what the children have been learning; Tudor display excellent; Can tell the children try hard; Class labels could be put on the displays; children who are less able to present their work so nicely should have their work displayed so they feel valued for their efforts and perseverance.



  1. The behaviour of children in classes and around the school


Excellent; Very good; Good, Polite and helpful; Engaged


Other Comments: Children are quiet when they are supposed to be and lively when they are allowed to be; lots of listening; friendly children



  1. The quality of our school environment, both inside and outside, in particular:


Reception Class (refurbished annexe and play area):                      


Good; Very good; Excellent; Well organised and managed; Fabulous; Great, Inviting; Spacious.


Other comments: Clean and happy environment, nice, lovely separate area as introduction to school life, Bright, refreshing space; Love the Astro Turf



Newly installed Before and After School Club facility:


Very spacious; Good; Excellent; Much better outside play facilities; Great;

Very comfortable; High standard;


Other comments: Much better than expected, Wonderful new facility; Children really enjoying it; Better than previous facility; Good …. And beyond!


Fenced area to back of school containing allotments:


Improved appearance; Good; Really tidy and presentable, Very good; Excellent;

Very nice


Playground area near KS1 (inner fencing removed to make more open play space):


Good; Much better; Great play space; Nice and spacious; Excellent;


Other comments: Does basketball hoop still need to be in the middle?



  1. What do you think we do well?


Children happy, relaxed and engaged; Inclusion; Great teachers and friendly helpful staff; Communication with children and caring for them; Very welcoming; Encouraging and supporting children; Do it all well;  Manage the school; Confidence building; Community; Use different subjects to support topics,  Teach children to behave in a respectful manner, Headteacher available to speak with parents,  Parent partnerships; Trips and residentials; Music, performances; Acknowledge children are maturing.


Other comments: Children love school and study, Staff know all the children, Parents feel part of the school; Open morning well structured; Good attitude of children comes through on every visit, even the short ones; Good mixture of activities; Inventive ways of teaching; Inviting parents to open mornings is a great way of seeing the school in action; Staff know all the children



  1. What do you think we could improve on?


New reading books


We have budgeted for additional reading scheme books to be purchased this year.


More time to eat for packed lunches


The children currently using the library and curriculum enrichment room has 30/35 minutes to eat their lunch. Any children who have not finished after this time can move to the main hall to finish. I have monitored this recently and I am pleased that the children are now eating their lunches well. Things will be easier of course when we have a second school hall.


Communicating with parents about events


Our new website has all events, dates, newsletters, menus and dates. Please check regularly for updated information.


 Extra staff


Staffing takes up around 85% of school budget. Although more teachers would be wonderful we currently have a very good adult to child ratio in school.


more play equipment


We continue to develop our outdoor areas. This year the school council have voted to buy some chalk boards for the playground.


More space for whole school and all parents to attend


The council is financing a second school hall building project which is due to start in the summer term.


 More competitive support from Year 3 upwards


We have increased our participation in competitive school sport and have just received a silver award for our participation in competitive sports. We take part in regular football and netball games. This term we have and will be taking part in a triathlon, a swimming tournament and a cross country tournament.


  1. Any other comments you would like to make


Thanks for opportunity to Open Morning, great idea;


Other comments: Can’t wait for bicycle shed at Belvedere entrance; loved the light in the upstairs classrooms – appropriate for older children



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