Panama visitors

Panama visitors

Posted: Fri 12 Jun 2015   |   Assemblies

The past couple of weeks have been extremely exciting and getting towards the end of the school year it's been nothing but fun! Some teachers from Panama have come to observe what school is like in England. They have been going around the school helping the teachers manage the children, and well done everyone in high field for keeping up our great reputation. 

Also recently the year 1s have had lots of fun with their pirate day, they built a massive cardboard pirate ship and they had a special visit from Captain Jim. They also made treasure maps and all dressed up as pirates for the day, they had a pirate assembly and made newspaper pirate hats. Along with lots of other fun pirate activities. It was one of the year 1's best days of the year!

Also this time of year frog spawn is hatching and there are many little tadpoles. The year 6s also found lots of other amazing creatures swimming around in our wonderful Highfield pond. That's all for now . Bye!!!

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