Review of teacher training day.

Review of teacher training day.

Posted: Fri 17 Jul 2015   |   Governors

Review of teacher training day.

On Monday 3rd November, all teaching staff went to Alwoodly Primary for a training morning. We were joined by several primary schools within our cluster. We spent the morning in our co-ordinator groups which was a great chance to interact with other co-ordinators. We followed a brief agenda, but sharing ideas, resources and teaching methods with each other was what we found most useful. The focus was on the new curriculum and it was beneficial to discuss coverage, vulnerable groups and also gifted and talented children.

What has become apparent after discussions with the staff is;

- We are confident in our subject areas.

-We have sufficient resources available in school.

- We do not need to ‘buy in’ to new schemes.

-We now have contacts from local schools to maintain contact with.

After the morning session we returned back to school for a meeting with  Kay Priestly. This was a great progression from the morning session, when staff had their heads filled with great ideas, and ways in which to push their subject forward. We were given lots of ideas on how to promote our subject areas in very simple ways, many of which have already started happening.

We believe the school website is the best way to carry this forward. All staff are currently completing ‘our vision’ for our subject area to be displayed on the website, along with forwarding pictures to the appropriate co-ordinator to be added on the website too.

To finish the day we were given time, which is always very much appreciated to update and amend policies, write our vision and have time to go through our subject and ideas from the morning and how they can fit into the long term plans. For staff that share a co-ordinator role it gave us chance to discuss the key stages and share out the future plans. 

Jo Wragg teacher rep


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