Science Training - Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Science Training - Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Posted: Fri 17 Jul 2015   |   Governors

Highfields’ Science Learning Team led an enthusiastic and practical training session on Tuesday 3rd June 2014. Thank you all so much. It was a wonderful whole school team effort. This event will be forever imprinted on my mind - for the right reasons...

In fact, I could quite easily have been mistaken for being back at school and behaving as one of ‘The Mad Scientists’. It was useful to share an overview of the New Primary Science Curriculum. As well as an awareness of the current changes to the Programme of Study for pupils in the Early Years up to Year 6.  I hasten to add that Highfield already has in place an enriched and broad cross-curricular, however this has been further enhanced by introducing a new Science Scheme which we had the pleasure of ‘working scientifically’ in a fun way.

The progression in learning year on year and the technical vocabulary and fieldwork experiences were fascinating. Teaching and learning was enjoyable, exciting and investigative.  Roll on September 2014 – Science at Highfield is going to be EVEN MORE irresistible!

Maureen Savery

Community Governor 

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