Sporty School

Sporty School

Posted: Fri 10 Oct 2014   |   Children

Hi, the Bloggers are back again. These last two weeks have been full of excitement and sporty activities. Some of the events that have occurred include: The Bikeability training which has kept the year 6's busy, we thank the Bikability trainers who gave us a great experience and a helping hand; the Highfield football team have had their first couple of matches and look stunning in their new kit. They have got of to a great start despite losing their first match.

Miss Elson's netballers are looking forward to having their first competitive match. They have been training and we think they are going to do well. What do you think? The Wake Up and Shake team have been a big hit for the KS1, they are helping the children and lunchtime helpers to get their moves on! Talking about dancing, everyone has been enjoying the Halloween Pumpkin Party. Everybody is counting the days down to Halloween.

The new curriculum for P.E. has been appreciated by all the pupils in Highfield and all the years are enjoying doing the fun activities. So far this year we are enjoying being Bloggers and we are looking forward to our next blog. Next time we are going back in time and telling you about our day as a Tudor! Bye!!!

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