Swap Shop

Swap Shop

Posted: Wed 13 Nov 2019   |   Assemblies


This year to support Children in Need, we will be holding a Swap Shop (just like Noel Edmonds, for those of you who remember).

 Mrs Homan and the school council came up with the idea, to fit in with this year's whole school project, which is considering how we can help save the environment and share with one another, including the importance of recycling and not always buying something new.   

 On the day, children who wish to take part should bring in £1 and one or two children's books that they are willing to swap. To make it fair and to encourage the notion of sharing, only children who bring a book will be able to take home a book.

 We are hoping tat the event will help the children learn that we don;t always need to buy new things in order to be happy and that sometimes sharing or swapping things can be great fun.


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