Phonic and Reading Schemes used in Key Stage 1

Highfield Primary school’s phonic teaching follows the ‘Letters and Sounds’ document published by the DfE in 2007.  Alongside ‘Letters and sounds’ teachers use ‘Jolly phonics’ to help children with the introduction of sounds. Each child in the Foundation Stage and KS1 receives 25 minutes of direct phonic teaching each day. Children are grouped according to the phonic phase they are working within.

The main reading scheme at Highfield Primary uses ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ books – fiction, non- fiction and phonic based.  It is supplemented by a range of other schemes including Ginn All Aboard, Ginn New Reading 360, Ginn Reading 360 pocket books, New Way, Heinemann- Sunshine spirals and Heinemann – Sunshine books.  All of the reading scheme books have been colour banded.

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