Lunch Menus

The School Lunch Menu  follows a three weekly cycle.

School dinners cost £2.40 per day for KS2.

Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 do not pay for their school dinners.

Cheques should be made payable to Leeds City Council. 

From 24th July 2019, parents will no longer be able to make dinner payments online to Leeds City Council.

Parents will instead be able to make payments via Parentmail. This will provide parents with a comprehensive platform for making payments to school and, in time, will allow the office to become cashless.

The system should be ready to take payments towards the end of the summer holidays. Please do not make payments to Leeds City council on or after Thursday 18th July.

  • Please note Parentmail will not be updated daily and as such, the balance shown may not include meals taken that week.

Whilst every effort is made to provide the menu  as stated, occasionally we may have to substitute items due to availability

Click here for the Autumn /Winter 2020-2021 menu

Click here for the Spring / Summer 2019 -2020 Menu (February half-term to July)

Click here for the Autumn/ Winter 2019-2020 (September - February half-term)