Religious Education


At Highfield Primary we pride ourselves on our diverse, multi-cultural

community. Our pupils and families follow different faiths and religions. Our religious and 

cultural differences are celebrated and all pupils have an opportunity to share their personal experiences of festivals, traditions and beliefs.

The teaching of R.E. is in line with the "Believing and Belonging"  Leeds Agreed Syllabus which was revised in 2019, with emphasis on Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism, but also includes Hinduism, Buddhism and non-religious ways of life.

Wherever possible visitors are invited into school to enhance the children’s learning. Trips to places of worship are organised to put their learning into context. Lessons are planned to be creative and practical, whilst

encouraging pupils to investigate  the beliefs and practices of religions and other world views, addressing questions of meaning, purpose and value and exploring how they influence morality, identity and diversity.


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Early years link to the school RE curriculum

 Year 1 knowledge and skill sequence

Year 2 knowledge and skill sequence

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RE Displays and work

RE Displays and work

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