Single Equality Scheme

Highfield Primary Equalities information and objectives statement

At Highfield we believe that every child has the right to equality of outcome and to achieve their full potential. In order to achieve equity we embrace the principles of fairness,  social justice, inclusion,  global citizenship and community cohesion. We welcome our responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. Our Equality policy and scheme follows local authority recommendations.

At Highfield we believe that positive actions are fundamental in ensuring all stakeholders in our school have equal chance to achieve, participate and fulfill their roles in school and the wider community. Equality for all helps us to develop a sense of identity, social justice and to be successful as individuals, as a school and as a community.

We understand equity to mean treating everyone fairly and with  dignity and by valuing their individual characteristics such as their age, disability, gender identity, race, sex, religion, belief, sexual orientation and socio-economic circumstances or any other visible or non-visible difference.

We further understand that people have different needs, situations and goals and some people may experience additional barriers and challenges. Therefore achieving equality of outcome requires the removal of discriminatory barriers, and the recognition that the allocation and distribution of resources cannot always be distributed equally if we are to live up to our commitment to everyone being able to achieve their full potential whilst at Highfield Primary School.

Our Equality and Accessibility plans are reviewed regularly. 

Click here for a copy of the Single Equality Scheme reviewed 2020


Click here for our Accessibilty Plan 2021 2024