School Council visit to Donnisthorpe Hall



Highfield Primary school lays the foundations for life by offering a rich enjoyable and fulfilling experience for all its pupils.  It is characterised by a broad and balanced, creatively delivered curriculum facilitated by high standards in literacy, numeracy and ICT.   We aim to prepare our children to be citizens of the future – promoting wellbeing through safe, healthy lifestyles and nurturing respect of self and others. Social, emotional, spiritual and cultural development is a priority, ensuring all children feel valued. We are proud of our inclusive ethos.


We have a firm commitment to enable all our children to succeed as well rounded individuals. This is underpinned by strong relationships with parents/carers and the community enhanced by experiences beyond our immediate environment.


We offer every child the chance to achieve their full potential in a well supported atmosphere that inspires passion for learning and a firm foundation for life – a place where we want to be! 


The children and staff want Highfield to be a place where

  • everyone works hard
  • we do interesting and exciting things
  • people are happy
  • people tell the truth
  • people are friendly
  • people behave sensibly
  • people listen to each other
  • people want to be
  • there is no vandalism
  • it is clean and tidy and looked after
  • people are fair and forgiving
  • everyone gets a good education

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By embedding spiritual, moral, social and cultural values across our whole curriculum our children become ambassadors for themselves and their school. They develp life skills which enable them to partake confidently in school life. They are active in making positive decisions and enjoy learning from themselves and each other.

Click here for our Promotig Disability in the Curriculum resource pack