Special Educational Needs

Highfield Primary School Universal offer statement for Special Educational Needs and Disability provision

To find out how Leeds City Council can support your child's special educational needs or disability follow this link


Our special educational needs co-ordinator is Rachael McVeigh  [email protected] 

Highfield Primary School has an inclusive ethos and works in partnership with children, parents and other agencies (at the request of school) to provide the best possible educational outcomes. We have high expectations of all our children and put support in place at the earliest possible stage where needed.

All Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) is overseen and managed by the Senior Leadership team (SLT) in school and is co-ordinated by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo). Working within the  SEND team is a teacher responsible for Speech and Language Therapy and Medical Needs. The Senior Leadership Team evaluate all special needs provision on a regular basis throughout the year and report to the school governing body on how individual needs are being met and on how special needs funding is being spent.

All children are treated as individuals and the class teacher, alongside other support staff, plan an appropriately differentiated curriculum for children with additional needs to ensure high quality teaching and learning with effective support and resource. Children who require additional or individual support are provided with  personalised programmes of support which are reviewed regularly. A comprehensive school provision map identifies all children who have SEND and maps out their support and interventions. Key assessments are made to ensure children are on track to meet their targets and that planning accurately addresses need. Progress and plans are regularly reviewed and evaluated to inform next steps.

Parents are vital partners in their child’s journey through school. They are invited to attend review meetings of their child’s progress and are encouraged to engage in supporting learning in different ways. If a parent feels their child may have Special Educational Needs they should make an appointment to speak to their class teacher. This may lead to a further appointment with the Special Needs Co-ordinator. Parents may also be interested in reading the school’s Special Needs Policy which further explains the provision for children with special needs.

Staff in school are trained, and work alongside other professionals, to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise in specific areas of Special Educational Needs. Support is sought by school from other agencies where necessary in order to maximise learning potential. The school's policies (policy section on this website) reflect our commitment to inclusion, safety and well-being of children.


Our SENDCo is Rachael McVeigh and may be contacted at    [email protected] 


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